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All units in VK series have been vetted and are registered with the Hong Kong Government, and are suitable for use to comply with latest FEHD guidelines on air flow. 


Now that the isolation and social distancing rules are slowly being removed, it is very important that we take actions to minimize bacteria and viruses from infecting a lot of people in the same room.

According to studies, some germ-laden droplets expelled by people with bacterial or viral infections when they breathe, talk, cough, or sneeze can remain suspended in the air for up to two hours.  When inhaled these can potentially cause life threatening infections.

STL's newest VK series of air processors use powerful European made Philips Sterilamp® UVC emitters to kill over 99.9% of air borne bacteria and viruses (including coronaviruses) in the air processed. Minimal power consumption means the units can be kept running 24/7 to provide nonstop protection in the home, clinic, restaurant, school, shop, or office.

Bacteria and viruses passing through STL’s VK3000 are exposed to over 480 W s/m2 of UVC power (this number is known as the Effective Dosage). For reference, below are the Effective Dosages needed to kill 99.9% of several commonly found bacteria and viruses*:

  • Dysentery: 65.8 W s/m2

  • Tuberculosis: 181.8 W s/ m2

  • E. Coli: 89.7 W s/m2

  • Salmonella: 119.1 W s/m2

  • Hepatitis A: 215.9 W s/m2

  • Influenza: 107.9 W s/m2

* Based on data published by Philips

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Ultraviolet (UV) rays are divided into several bands based on wavelength. In nature, the Sun is the most abundant source of UV, and almost all of the UV seen at the Earth's surface is in the UVA and UVB bands. These are the rays that cause skin darkening, but are not powerful enough to kill the most resilient germs. UVC on the other hand is scientifically proven to be an effective means of killing these bacteria and viruses. In fact many hospitals use professionally installed UVC lamps to sterilize rooms between patients to avoid cross contamination.

STL's VK series uses European made emitters that emit UVC with wavelength in the range of 254 nanometers. This wavelength is proven to be most efficient at destroying the DNA of bacteria and viruses. The UVC kills by physical destruction of the germ's DNA.

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Many existing products on the market use lower power UVA or UVB lamps that are not effective at killing germs. Alternatively when UVC is used, they are designed for use in empty rooms, with no safety features to protect anyone who may inadvertently enter the room when the lamp is on. STL has leveraged our over 20 years of experience in the air purification industry to design devices that are both safe and effective.  The VK series can be used to continuously sterilize the air, even while the room is occupied. The small footprint (approx 1.5 sq ft) is particularly suitable for rooms with limited floor space, while the height ensures proper whole room circulation. 
Choose STL's VK serial professional germicidal air processors for a safer and healthier environment.

STL's VK series is already being used widely in various locations in Japan



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